Woman, Life, Freedom

Woman, Life, Freedom or Woman, Life, Liberty is a popular political Kurdish slogan used in both the Kurdish independence and democratic confederalist movements. The slogan became a rallying cry during the protests which occurred in Iran as a response to the death of Jina Amini.

UN Commission for the Status of Women - The Commission on the Status of Women is a functional commission of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, one of the main UN organs within the United Nations. CSW has been described as the UN organ promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women.
For Freedoms - For Freedoms is an artist-run platform for civic engagement, discourse, and direct action for artists in the United States.
Hendiatris - Hendiatris is a figure of speech used for emphasis, in which three words are used to express one idea. The phrases "sun, sea and sand", and "wine, women and song" are examples.
Islamic Penal Code - Islamic criminal law is criminal law in accordance with Sharia. Strictly speaking, Islamic law does not have a distinct corpus of "criminal law". It divides crimes into three different categories depending on the offense – Hudud, Qisas, and Tazir.
Vital Voices - Vital Voices Global Partnership is an American international, 501, non-profit, non-governmental organization that works with women leaders in the areas of economic empowerment, women's political participation, and human rights. The organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C.
Women in Iran - Throughout history, women in Iran have played numerous roles, and contributed in many ways, to Iranian society. Historically, tradition maintained that women be confined to their homes to manage the household and raise children.
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