Stefanie Hertel

Stefanie Anke Hertel is a German singer of popular music, popular folk music, schlager music, television presenter, and former yodeler. Hertel has won numerous prizes as a performer; her career began at the age of four when she appeared with her father Eberhard Hertel. She was six when she made her television debut with a song about a teddy bear, Ich wünsch' mir einen kleinen Teddybär. In 1992, she won the Grand Prix der Volksmusik, which trumpeter Stefan Mross had won in 1989 with Heimwehmelodie, with the song Über jedes Bacherl geht a Brückerl, having finished fifth the previous year with So a Stückerl heile Welt. In 1995, she competed together with Stefan Mross in the Grand Prix der Volksmusik with the song Ein Lied für jeden Sonnenstrahl, finishing second.

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