Sportschau is a German sports magazine on broadcaster ARD, produced by WDR in Cologne. The magazine started in 1961. In its Saturday edition, the Sportschau shows a summary of the Bundesliga, whereas the Sunday edition reports on the latest events from various sports. Sportschau is aired on Das Erste and the regional stations. Since 2008, Sportschau begins at 6pm. As there is a contractual agreement that the Bundesliga may only be shown from 18:30, the program reports about the second and third leagues in the first half-hour. Since January 2011, the free Sportschau-App is obtainable for iOS and Android, whereby sport news and a live ticker are available for mobile devices.

11 Freunde - 11 Freunde is a monthly German sports magazine. The magazine was founded in 2000 by Reinaldo Coddou H. and Philipp Köster. Köster is also its editor-in-chief. It is published monthly in Berlin.
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