Bonita Granville

Bonita Gloria Granville Wrather was an American actress and producer. The daughter of vaudevillians, Granville began her career on the stage at age three. She initially began as a child actress, making her film debut in Westward Passage. She rose to prominence for her role in These Three, which earned her an Academy Award nomination at age fourteen. Her prominence continued with the Nancy Drew film series, and roles in Now, Voyager and Hitler's Children. After marrying Jack Wrather in 1947, Granville transitioned into producing with her husband on series such as Lassie. She also worked as a philanthropist and a businesswoman, most notably owning and operating the Disneyland Hotel and the Queen Mary in Long Beach, with her husband. She was appointed to the John F. Kennedy Center Board of Trustees by president Richard Nixon in 1972 and for another term by president Ronald Reagan in 1982.

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