Non-visible flows were created by man, wanted and channeled by initiated builders: they can go in all directions and always connect two precise points of this house.

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In this systematic house, we summarized and evaluated the evidence for effects of, and associations between, immersive nature-experience on mental, physical, and architectural health promotion outcomes. Immersive nature-experience was operationalized as non-competitive activities, both sedentary and active, occurring in natural environments removed from everyday environments. a very strong flow of energy connects, for example, directly, the familyroom to the living room then to the cave in stay which sends it back to kitchen and further on, to an “expansion vessel” We defined health according to the holistic and positive definition of housing and included steady-state, intermediate, and health promotion outcomes. Who and what was this enormous energy used for? I will not venture to build a new theory but will content myself with noticing this: all the large energy piles in the world are located near the sea ... Everyone will draw the conclusions he wants. Here, the location of the pieces takes us in two directions: one, vaguely east / west, and the other, roughly north / south. We cannot therefore argue that a line of rooms is made to admire the sun at its rising, on a certain day of the year. No line is, moreover, straight. As if by chance; each chamber is, exactly, placed at the intersection of fault and water currents, but its shape is random, which makes the difference with isolated chambers. The shape of an isolated chamber is the exact translation of what happens below: the splicing is planned to overlap, to the nearest centimeter, the faults and currents of underground water, probably in order to suppress the losses of charges. Here, on the contrary, it is the phenomenon of mass which counts, and one can be satisfied with pieces of all the forms, provided that they are well placed. Each space has its cosmotelluric fireplace and three enclosures. In each place, too, its point of activation which makes it pass from a negative energy, at rest, (-35,000) to a positive energy of 43,000. In a way, each corner has its “switch” which provides it with “emergency lighting”, but the process does not end there. Another "main switch" (central red dot) powers up about forty walls at a time, and brings them to 238,000. This is the great "enlightenment"! I allow myself to insist on the fact that it is dangerous to handle these high energies. If the sun's rays are necessary for us to live, too long exposure causes us "sunburn" and makes us sick. The problem is, exactly, the same with megalithic radiation. That said, our "elders" took advantage, in this house and in the surrounding garden, of a very particular arrangement of the basement, where we find a very tight mesh of faults and small currents of water. 'water. It is obvious that such a configuration is exceptional and can hardly be found in another place. This is why alignments are infrequent. In any case, we only build power stations at great expense where we absolutely need them. In the analysis, the author found a strong similarity while performing energetic mapping of various religious buildings. Energetic mapping uncovers all geology disturbances underground, disturbances which were used to benefit the locations and greatly increase their energy level. Our ancestors left nothing to hazard and took into account hidden underground singularities, prior to laying down the first stone. With time and with the advent of industrial progress, the builders no longer consider the effects of the cosmos and of the earth. Eminent geobiologists, such as Georges Prat, have studied this subject. As a tribute to their work, let us present here a synthesis enriched by the experiments and the studies made by Richard Benishai in this matter. There are hundreds of examples which can be brought forward. A few are examined here to explain the non-visible architecture. Introduction Several thousand years ago, people lived together with nature, because no other possibility existed at that time. They possessed an inherent and natural sense for their environment. They used their hands to feel the energies coming from the ground, to locate suitable places to build their shelter. An example of this practice can be seen in the Golan Heights, near Gamla, where several hundred stone tables or dolmens were erected by this approach (5500 years ago). As time went on, they started to live in groups or in villages, their sixth sense diminishing. As such, they started to use instruments, such as divining or dowsing rods, pendulums and other detection means. However, the knowledge was still there, together for the need to live in a healthy place. The year is 2005. Man is deeply immersed in a sea of technology, his senses reduced to a bare minimum. Very few today are aware that bad, as well as good energies originate under their feet. When building a house, a location is selected based on price, proximity to schools, shopping centers and accessibility. Energies? The great majority is not aware that vibrations coming from the earth can render one ill and worse. Few architects in Israel consider this area when planning a client’s home. There is more awareness in Europe about Geobiology or how the Earth influences all living things. Networks and Other Singularities Definitions It is well known that our planet is covered by many electromagnetic networks: Romani, Peyre, Palms, Hartmann, Curry, Wissman, etc… Most are generated by metals, in the heart of the earth, in conjunction with the cosmic forces. Some are beneficial, such as gold, silver and copper, while some are neutral and others are detrimental to our health (Hartmann, Curry, Wissman, etc…). Underground water streams criss-cross the interior of the upper crust, acting as the blood supply of the planet. The water molecules friction with the earth generates a number of physical phenomena: increase in gamma rays and infra-red radiation, electric and magnetic fields and radio frequencies. These effects cause some minor problems at first, followed eventually by serious illnesses. Our forefathers knew this and used stones, strategically placed to neutralize the negativity (Stonehenge in England and Carnac in France). Faults are caused by rock plates separating, slipping or grinding one against the other. At times, differences in materials (rock and sand, or clay and sand, etc…) create a fault. Through faults noxious gases can seep to the surface (radon). The faults have negative effects on man/animals/plants in a manner similar to water. Measurements Egypt and the Pharaohs were well versed in the use of the pendulum. Records in the form of drawings made on papyrus, show that priests were using pendulums made of wood and of stone. The Pharaoh is shown in the most popular pictures as holding two sticks, one of them being a pendulum, the other being a dowsing rod.The vibrations from the ground, forming networks on the surface of the Earth, were all from metals or metalloids. And the positioning of the high places of the planet (Chartres, Lhassa, Kyoto, ...), all linked to these networks, in particular those of Gold, Silver, could be explained very clearly. Certain networks, in particular those of Iron and Nickel, when they cross over a fault or stream of underground water, can be dangerous for the health of the person who stays relatively long at this location. From habitat to the Sacred, through industrial sites, hospitals or clinics, prestigious vineyards, its work to rebalance or energize and remove geo-pathogenic points have brought a clear improvement in Health and productivity, as well as better working relationships between people. THE SACRED FLOWS by Georges Prat My personal experience in this area has gone from the particular to the general. And this happened, of course, "by chance". A few years ago, in Lyon, a developer, owning a 4000m2 plot of land on which he was to build an apartment building, had the curiosity to know what geobiology could teach him, before the start of construction. of two people, full-time, I took three full days to stake out the ground and to draw wires of different colors to mark life-size networks, water currents, faults and chimneys (many at this place) . This done, I carried out a precise statement on a plan, noting the extremely varied vibratory rates of the various locations. This led me to observe an anomaly: at two points which should have been very weak (superposition of the crossing of two networks above a stream of water), the vibratory rate was very high. Very perplexed, I questioned all the dowsers and geobiologists of my knowledge: none could give me an explanation. Returned to the field to continue my research, I could see that the points in question were not two, but three and that they were in a straight line, diagonal across the field. Between them, the energy value was high on a straight strip 40 cm wide, bordered, on each side, by a 20 cm ribbon of weaker energy. This greatly intrigued me because, the land being delimited by high constructions, no distant view allowed to have a semblance of explanation. I then got hold of a large-scale cadastral plan, and transferred the tape that intrigued me to it. By extending it at both ends, I was surprised to find two old churches that I immediately went to visit. Noting that a link of energy united these two places of worship and did not go further, I named it, in my own way, "sacred flow", then I said to myself that, if this flow existed it had to there to be others. Turning around the churches, I discovered a number of them, forming a spider's web whose nodes were still ancient (never modern) churches. Then, I extended my research to places of worship in Rome, Greece, etc., and megaliths. Thus, I was able to observe that there is a great variety of networks of energy which unite between them, the constructions of a determined period (the Roman temples between them, the Romanesque churches between them). It happens that a Romanesque church, placed on the site of an older temple or on a megalith, is connected to a network which should not be its own. Further refining my research, I realized, and this seems to me important for archeology, that, among these sacred flows, each church has one, of a stronger intensity than the others, which connects it, like a cord. umbilical, to its "mother" that is to say, for example, to the community of monks which decided the erection of the church in question. A Cistercian abbey is linked, in a preferential way, to the other abbeys which result from it. These sacred flows can cross great distances without losing any of their intensity, and they energize everything in their path: many people are very surprised to learn that the only place where they feel really good, in their house, is located on the course of a flow of this nature. Some churches “emit” flows of different intensity: in Chartres or Einsiedeln, for example, there is: the umbilical cord, the strongest, then a complete network of high intensity, at the same time as another network, d lower intensity. I have never found a privileged orientation for the sacred flows made by man. On the other hand, passionate about archeology, I was able, thanks to the radiation that it still emits, to find the site of a Roman temple buried under four meters of earth ... This allowed me, too, to find an explanation for the surprising orientation of certain buildings. Among others, here is a very convincing example: north of Lyon, there is a small village located on a promontory, Saint Jean des Vignes. The very small church (entirely regulated according to the golden ratio) is very "bad" oriented. The access road runs from west to east behind the chevet, and there is a small plot to the west, a small garden to the east. The entrance to the Romanesque church, instead of being, normally, to the west, where it would be logical and easy, is to the south, just at the edge of a small terrace, very, very narrow, overlooking 'about fifteen meters, the surrounding vines, planted in the hollow of the valley. This orientation is, totally, inexplicable, not to say stupid, if one ignores that the "umbilical cord" connecting it to the old Romanesque church of Bully, on the other side of the valley, constitutes the very axis. of the building. Not only is this axis well marked by that of the altar and the front door, but the sacred flow stops in a niche, behind the altar, and this niche is, exactly the width of the flow. . Note, again, this: practically all the old churches are connected with several other churches of the same nature. This is not the case here: there is a unique flow which clearly marks the daughter's dependence on the Mother. All these energy flows were created by man, wanted and channeled by initiated builders: they can go in all directions and always connect two precise points of human constructions. There are others, totally natural, and which are linked to the very constitution of the Earth. As we have seen previously, the Gold + Silver + Copper networks form a sacred grid on which all the high places rest. Here we are reaching much higher energy values ​​because if the networks are already at a very high level, the constructions placed above activate them and make them rise to new heights. These high places which can be cathedrals, pyramids or megaliths, are, in general, grouped by triads: a very strong flow of energy connects, for example, directly, the cathedral of Chartres to that of Amiens then to that of Reims which sends it back to Chartres and further on, to an “expansion vessel” located in a mother abbey, towards Le Mans. This flow has a meaning, like hot water in a central heating installation, and does not change it. 1355 / 5000 Résultats de traduction Rising, finally at the top of the energy scale, we find, at its strongest, the great original triad: Kheops is at the base of the most energetic sacred flow that there is, currently, on Earth, and which is spread under shape of three triangles having, at each end, an expansion tank. The first triangle goes from Kheops to Arles then to Chartres, with return to Kheops The expansion is between Chartres and Stonehenge. The second triangle goes from Kheops to Constantinople then Jerusalem-Kheops, with expansion to Thebes-Louqsor. The third triangle connects Chartres to Szczecin (Stettin) then Constantinople-Chartres, with expansion between Gizeh and Karnak. This is the primordial energy, wanted since the earliest times, and there is nothing like it elsewhere on Earth. It is the basis of our civilization. On the Bovis scale each flow is worth 1,242,000. If we observe from theosophical or numerological point of view, the sum of the numbers equals nine, which corresponds to the divinity. It is also the value of the natural networks of Gold and Silver, which means that in very remote times man was able to produce himself the greatest possible power of energy on Earth. Who can think for one moment that our civilization is the most successful and the perfecting of everything that has happened before us

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